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STMN FITNESS was founded in 2016 by two guys who graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Design with the aim of combining their skills in design with their passion for CrossFit.

The Stamina Fitness project was born with the intention of designing and creating specific clothing and accessories created by CrossFitters for CrossFitters.



We have had the advantage of personally designing and testing all of our products. This has allowed us to create better items compared to the competition. Every day we work on designing new accessories and strive to make small but constant innovations to each of our items. To do this, we no longer rely solely on tests carried out by us in person, but we submit our products to some of the best European CrossFitters.

Our Best Sellers

Our flagship product, as well as the first one added to the catalog, has been the Paracalli (Hand Grips). The Paracalli has been identified by us as the most important accessory for those who practice this sport, as the stresses and strains to which the palm of the hands is subjected during a CrossFit workout, including bar exercises, are really high. Furthermore, injuring a hand during a workout, or even worse, on the first day of an important competition, would mean compromising the use of the hands and, consequently, the entire sports performance would suffer.